Foundation Grant Making

We must matter more in our communities

We believe giving back is a necessary part of doing business in the state of Maine. That's why we donate our time, knowledge, skills and labor – as well as our money ­– to Maine organizations and communities. This year, our employees will give more than $100,000 to community causes and the Bank will give nearly $1 million.

At Bangor Savings Bank, we believe we must matter more in our communities: one, because it’s the right thing to do; and two, because we owe it to Maine and its people.

We are committed to helping improve the health, education, culture, and economy of our state. We are committed to making Maine an even better place to grow up in and put down roots in.

The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation

Philanthropy is a prominent aspect of our Community Investment efforts, and the most prominent centerpiece of our giving is the continuing work and contributions of The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation. The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation was created in 1997 to help fulfill our commitment to improving community life in Maine. Today, the Bank has chosen to improve the impact and coordination of its giving by channeling all major charitable contributions from the Bank through the Foundation's grant-making process.

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