Check Recovery

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Your customer checks can be returned to you unpaid for many reasons. Typically it’s due to "non-sufficient funds" (NSF) – that’s where a check recovery service can help you.

Check Recovery is a free service offered to your business to use as a Bangor Savings Bank customer. No account changes are required. Just sit back and let Check Assist do all the work!

Check Recovery Service Benefits

  • Free service for our Business Checking customers*
  • Check Recovery is a fully compliant solution
  • Business customers retain 100% of recovered face value of the check
  • Gain faster access to recovered funds
  • Eliminate time spent chasing bad checks
  • 24/7 online access to check images and information
  • Track status of checks and reimbursements

How Check Recovery Works

Your unpaid checks will be sent directly to our partner, Check Assist, for electronic re-presentment instead of mailing the paper check back to you. Check Assist resubmits eligible items through the ACH Network as a RCK transaction. Electronic transactions are sent directly back to the check writer’s account, saving you time and money on collection efforts. The system automatically schedules these re-presentments using Smart Dates™. This technology ensures a higher recovery rate so you can gain access to your funds quicker.

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To learn more about how Check Recovery can help your business, please call our Treasury & Payment Services team at 1.888.276.8723, or email us at 

*While the check recovery service is free, the standard Returned Deposited/Cashed Item fee still applies.

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